In my mind there’s just a few ways to get a really good deal on a mattress.  First, you can just go when there’s a sale at a retail store.  The mattress industry is known for its high markups and inefficiencies.  The consumer generally loses out and pays much more than he/she should for a nice bed.  Because of this fact, you would be remiss not to go when there is a sale.  There’s just no reason to pay full price for a good mattress or any mattress for that matter.  The cost to a manufacturer for a $2,000 priced mattress is probably closer to $250-300.  That’s a lot of markup for you.  Sales are pretty frequent and you can generally find them around certain holidays.  President’s Day and Memorial Day come to mind as BIG mattress sales time periods.  If you can wait until one of these sales time periods happens, then you should definitely do so and you will be rewarded very much financially.

You can also buy online to save some money.  There are companies like Tuft & Needle or Saatva that only sell online.  Remember all those markups that I mentioned earlier?  Well these guys try to cut a lot of that by eliminating the middle man.  Generally you can save some decent money by buying online.  You won’t be able to try a mattress out ahead of time, but they have good return policies and trial periods, so that’s much less of a concern.

You can also just hussle and try to negotiate.  If you are at a family-owned mattress store, this should definitely be possible.  I don’t think you’ll be able to do this at a place like Sleepy’s, but if you are at a mom and pop kind of store, then you will be able to negotiate.  Because there’s such high markups in the industry, there should be some decent room for negotiation when it comes to finding a final closing price for a mattress.

That’s about it.  You definitely want to take advantage of sales or buy online or negotiate if you want to get the best value for your money.  Good luck in your search.