It’s important to know what the different types of mattresses are before you make a real decision about which one to buy.  You should also know that all memory foam mattresses, for example, were not created equal.  The same thing goes with the other types of mattresses too.  So let’s get some basic information out of the way.

Latex- Latex mattresses are obviously made from latex, which is something you’ll see used in many other practical purposes (gloves, condoms, and much more).  Latex can be quite comfortable as it contours to your body quite nicely, it generally stays cool, and it has a nice, supportive spring to it.

Memory foam- Memory foam was created in the 1960’s by NASA, believe it or not (check out this article for proof!), for something obviously completely unrelated to mattresses.  However, after a couple of decades, companies started to realize what the applications could be for mattresses.  Memory foam contours especially well to your body and relieves pressure points extremely well.  It’s extremely comfortable in a lot of cases and people generally like it a lot.  There are downsides, of course, like the fact that it tends to sleep hot in some circumstances, and sometimes it can form a crater if the material is not up to snuff.

Innerspring- Generally, these mattresses are made from steel coils and they are the traditional mattresses you think of.  Depending on the construction of the steel coils, the mattress can be pretty responsive to your body but also supportive at the same time.  It really just depends on the quality of the innerspring set up.  Lots of people love innerspring mattresses, but it really just depends on the exact mattress that we are talking about.

Air- These are the lower-priced mattresses that you would have in your closet that could blow up for an extra guest that you might have stay over.  I probably won’t focus too much on these types of mattresses, because the best mattress will probably be one of the first three that I mention or some kind of hybrid combination.

These are the main types, so we can go on from here now that we know the basics.