There’s a new memory foam mattress out on the market, and I thought I would give my quick thoughts on it.  It is a higher-quality memory foam mattress that is trying to compete directly against the likes of Tempur-Pedic.  If you look at a direct comparison of the specs of the two mattresses, you’ll find that they are really of similar quality.  The only issue is that Loom & Leaf is at less than half the price.  While I haven’t slept on a Loom & Leaf, I will say that based on the specs, it appears to be an amazing mattress that should be quite durable and fit for most sleepers.  Apartment Therapy did a recent review of Loom And Leaf and had great things to say.  Other reviewers have had great things to say as well.  What are the main highlights of the mattress?

Cooling– The mattress does an excellent job of addressing cooling.  They use plant-based foams (at least 30% plant-based), which is something that is tested to keep a mattress cool.  They also have a gel layer laminated onto the foam, which is much better at regulating temperature than using gel-infused foam.  One of the most common complaints about memory foam mattresses is that they can sleep hot.  This mattress directly addresses that complaint.

Density– The memory foam is a 5 lb. density, which is very high and compares to the higher-quality Tempur-Pedic mattresses that are out there.  This means the mattress will be durable and it will be especially good for people with pain.  The mattress will conform extremely well to one’s body, making it great at relieving pressure points and alleviating pain.

Shipping– One downside of the mattress is that you will have to pay for shipping.  This contrasts to the free shipping of the other online retailers.  At the same time, you get in-home white glove delivery and set up, rather than just receiving a bed in a box.  Some people might prefer this instead, so it’s definitely something to note.

Responsive– The mattress is more responsive than most memory foam mattresses, so that’s something that’s very unique about it, and makes it a little more like latex in that regard.

It’s a great option and definitely can stand toe to toe with Tempur-Pedic.  Give it a look.