This will probably just be a short post, but I’ve been shocked at how some mattresses are designed in a way that make them look bad.  They may be constructed perfectly with hours upon hours of thought going into what materials they will be made out of.  BUT, the end result just looks terrible.  I’m not going to call out anyone particular, but those companies probably know who they are.  It’s a smaller consideration, but why would anyone want a mattress that just doesn’t look good.  One of the biggest offenses is that the mattress is completely monotone.  I have no idea why a manufacturer/designer wouldn’t at least try to add a little bit of color and/or contrast to the mattress to make it look okay.  Certainly anyone who buys a mattress can make it look better by putting on the right sheets and all that, but I think people are willing to pay a little bit more for a mattress that is designed to look nice on its own without anyone having to do any of that.

That’s really all that I had to say.  If you are a mattress company executive, do a self-audit and really analyze whether you should improve the design and look of your mattress.  Even if it has great construction and materials, you should at least consider the look of the mattress a little bit.