I have spoken to a lot of mattress industry insiders, and they all have intimated to me that they secretly think latex is the best sleeping surface.  Why is that the case and what is the general allure of the material?

Latex is very resilient.  That means that if you move around a lot in your bed, the mattress will conform very quickly, and it will not take any time to return to its proper shape.  With memory foam, this is not the case, and it can be a little annoying for people who do tend to move a little bit in the bed.

Latex is a more natural material than memory foam.  Latex is in its pure foam is 100% natural, and it actually comes from a rubber tree.  Not every mattress company will use natural latex, but it’s still more natural than memory foam, which is made from petrochemicals.  In an era where people are caring more and more about having natural products that are free from chemicals, latex is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Latex mattresses do not trap heat and they tend to keep their cool, no matter the climate outside.  A lot of people have a great deal of discomfort when their mattress heats up.  That is just not the case with latex mattresses.

Latex mattresses are springier than other types.  You get a good bounce to them, which is a feeling a lot of people tend to like. This makes this type of mattress especially good for sexual activity.

The problems with latex are that they tend to be very heavy and they are more expensive.  A lot of good marketing has gone into making memory foam mattresses as popular as they are today.  If a similar marketing push happens with latex, and companies can figure out a way to make latex beds more affordable, I think latex will really increase in popularity too.

It’s no secret that latex is a really great surface to sleep on.